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Quality Growing Mediums....       Perfect Animal Bedding....       Great Absorbent....

Promoting quality plant growth requires a keen eye for maintaining soil balance and water retention. GAPS EcoSys offers quality coconut based soil additives perfect for all types of gardeners. Based in Broomall, Pennsylvania, we guarantee to provide the best and freshest coco peat to use in your yard and home garden/greehouse.

About Us

We are producers of high-quality, organic soil additives that utilize traditional techniques to bolster soil production and quality without utilization of pesticides and artificial chemicals. GAPS EcoSys produces this quality alternative to peat moss and artificial fertilizers, and deliver it straight to your home garden.

Our products are suitable for inside and outside plant installations, and are guaranteed to be perfect for your growing needs.

Wholesale / Retail Businesses and Re-sellers, Please contact us

Garden Time.......

GAPS Coco Peat, GAPS Coco Mulch

for Raised Bed and many more....

Use Organic GAPS Coco Products !!!!!

GAPS Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 

GAPS Neem Pet Shampoo

~Herbal natural fragrance. 

~Organic and safe for dogs and cats.

~No harsh chemicals, soaps.

~No synthetic waxy thickeners.

~Extra gentle for sensitive skin.

~Free of parabens, sulfates and gluten.

GAPS Virgin Coconut Oil

Rich sources of Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs)


         Hair conditioner


                Lip balm

                    Massage oil

                          Sun screen

               so many.....

Natural extract from coconut.


Not bleached

Save Environment and Live Healthy

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We are ready to help you find the right assortment of all natural soil products for your gardening project. Contact our team if you have questions or concerns.

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