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GAPS Coco Husk Chips, a great orchid medium

Orchid media is readily available and comes in many different forms. It provide root support, root aeration and nutrients. GAPS Coco Husk Chips are great potting media for most of orchids. It has high quality, economically feasible and eco-friendly.


1. Lasts longer than other potting media

2. Holds water and air like sponge

3. Excellent drainage and high cation exchange capacity

4. Prevents stress after repotting

5. Neutral pH and buffering capacity

6. Resists fungal growth

7. 100% natural and renewable resource

GAPS Coco Husk Chips are available from us as following categories:

GAPS Coco Husk Chip Block, 11 lb

GAPS Coco Husk Chip Brick, 1.4 lb

GAPS Coco Husk Chips (1 Quart, 2 Quart, 5 Quart, 10 Quart)

Advantages for using Coco Husk Chips
Orchid Grown on GAPS Coco Husk Chips
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