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Animal/Pet Bedding

GAPS Animal bedding is a completely homogeneous material, consists soft materials, which provide a comfortable bed. GAPS Coco is suitable for the widest range of animals of any animal/pet bedding.

The features are:

☛ Coco-peat has a better absorption rate.

☛ Resistant to bacterial and fungal growth.

☛ Coco-peat absorbs odor.

☛ Coco-peat brushes off the livestock faster.

GAPS Coco Substrate/bedding:

GAPS Coco substrate is excellent bedding material for spiders, insects, frogs, toads, tortoises, hermit crabs.

Made from a renewable resource of coconut fibers, eco-friendly, organic, absorbs odors.

Available packages:

GAPS Coco Block-Rep, 72 quarts (11 lb)

GAPS Coco Brick-Rep, 9 quarts (1.4 lb)

GAPS Coco-Rep, 8 quart

GAPS Coco-Rep, 24 quart

GAPS Coco Chips Block, 72 quarts (10 lb)

GAPS Coco Chips Brick, 9 quarts

GAPS Coco Chips, 24 quarts

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