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GAPS Organic Coco Peat, Premium Quality (Animal Bedding), 72 Quarts  GAPS Coco Peat is used for small animal bedding.Organic coco productLess odor and less dustSafe and great beddingPremium qualityRetain humidityNo mold & Mildew Advantages :  • Organic• No chemicals• Environmental safe• Biodegradable• Easy to use  How to use: Place the GAPS coco block into a container and add warm water ~2-3 gallons. The blocks will expand and mix it with hand. Please make sure about your water:peat ratio based on your requirements.

GAPS Organic Coco Coir/Peat, Premium Quality (Animal Bedding), 72 Quarts

$29.96 Regular Price
$25.96Sale Price
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